India – A Beach lover’s Paradise

India has a many familiar and unfamiliar tourist places to visit, which are categorized into a different section according to the people’s choice. The categories are like heritage places, historical places, temple cities, Hill stations, and beaches. The destinations are chosen by a person according to their interest, to drain out and relax from all his/her worries or stress. If someone asks me that, if I want to select destination according to my interest, I would definitely choose the beaches.

There are around 164 beaches in India, some are still to be explored and some are very famous. If you like to spend your leisure time on the beach, then you would understand and feel my pleasure to be on the beach. Beach lovers will sense my feelings of a solitary long walk on the cushion of sand with colliding undulating waves of sand, which tranquil you and gives you an immense pleasure with a peace of mind from a clamorous noise.

Tranquility of the sunrise and sunset only interprets by the passionate beach lover’s”

No matter, whether you’re a swimmer, sea-glass collector, or a sunbather, simply sitting under an umbrella and read your favorite author’s book, this is a good feeling you had ever experienced in the ocean. A perfect blend of peace and exuberant will take you to speculated reverberating sound of the ocean.

Why beach lovers are attracted towards the beach, here are some reasons listed below:

  1. Sunrise and Sunset of Beaches

Nothing is as beautiful as Beaches are always looking very beautiful, early morning during sunrise and at night when the sun sets. A beach lover’s know that, when the reflection of the sun meets at the cutting-edge of the shore, enhances the extravagant beauty of the ocean.

  • 2. Sea glasses or Beach glasses

Walking along with your partner or solitude walking through the beach and collecting the sea glasses is the ultimate passion of the beach lover’s. The sea glasses and beach glasses are similar but not same. Sea glasses are formed by the weathering process in nature; a broken glass of the bottle, when rolled with sand and the edges of the glass become soft with the formation of the sand layer.

  • 3. Beaches look every time different

Every time, when you walk on the beach you will never feel same as you visited earlier. The change in the wind, tides and waves on the beaches, give you the different perspective of the seashore. No matter how often you visit, the beach will give you the divergent feel of the same place. This part drags you towards the beaches.

  • 4. Entertainment with no cost

The best thing about the beaches is that it always comes into your budget. If you bring your food along with you and you don’t have to pay for the parking or parking fee, hardly matters, it barely minimum, then for your entertainment there are lots of things to do with sands. You can swash in the waves, mould a sand into castles, view animals, seashells and sea glass collecting or just roam around enjoying spectacular views.

  • 5. Enjoy without weather barrier

Beaches are soothing in all the seasons, except rainy, and because in rainy seasons the waves, tides are very high, so it’s dangerous to plan a visit in monsoon. Summers and winters are pleasurable on beaches; if you are a die-hard swimmer, then you will enjoy a summer on the beach, and if you want to just relax and spend time being solitude, then simply sitting under an umbrella or taking a sun-bath with enjoying reading books will be the best leisure time.

Keeping the passion of beach lover’s in mind, I would like to bring to light some unexplored beaches of India, which are less crowded and enchanted with extravagant beauty. Famous beaches are well-known by everyone, but it’s time to visit some unfamiliar one. Here are the five unfamiliar beaches in India, which are actually needed to visit:

  1. Guitar Island Beach – Andaman & Nicobar Island:

Situated distantly on Andaman & Nicobar Island, which is a beautiful and not very famous beach landscape. The shape of the island is shaped in guitar, henceforth, it is named as guitar island beach, which is known for its turquoise, crystal clear water of an ocean. The long-standing swimmer considers it a paradise because of its crystal clear sea water. Another attraction of the beach is its majestic view of rising and setting sun. If you want to experience the tranquil beauty, then this beach is perfect for you.

  • 2. Yanam Beach – Puducherry:

Located in the union territory of Puducherry, the beach is situated about 9 km. from the Bay of Bengal and adjacent to the Godavari river. It is a good picnic spot to spend your time with your family and friends. One’s contemplate to relax from a noisy crowd of a city are embraced to a secluded place of the territory. If you want to enjoy your solitude in tranquility, the Yanam beach is a good spot, which needs to be explored. Moreover, there are many tourist spots that are meant to be visited like, churches and temples.

  • 3. Erangal Beach – Maharashtra:

Located in the close vicinity of the famous Aksa beach in Mumbai, situated in Maharashtra, which is surrounded by the beautiful hills and paddy field. It is famous for the spectacular view of rising and setting sun on the beach. Moreover, it is known for frequently organizing a “wild parties” and fun. Those who intends to enjoy the serenity and partying as well of the beautiful landscapes are welcome to visit to the Erangal beach.

  • 4. Rushikulya Beach – Odisha:

Located in the Ganjam district, this beach is famous for spectacular view of rising and setting sun. Surrounded area is not much developed, there is no hotels, motels, any restaurants, or not even shanty. Furthermore, the beach is well-known for the Olive Ridley Turtles, which is the most favorable place for them to lay their eggs during the month of February to April. Process of mating is known as “arribada” and they lay their eggs early in the morning, so if you want to experience the egg-hatching of Olive Ridley Turtles, then you must visit to the Rushikulya Beach.

  • 5. Falta Beach – West Bengal:

Situated in the district of South 24 Paragans, which is the most visited places in the state of “West Bengal” and is famous for its spectacular landscape. Additionally, the beach is also gives you the picturesque view of the point, where the River Damodar coincide with the Hooghly River. The history behind this beach is that the British used to stay over here when the Kolkata city is ruled by the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-Ud-Daula. If you intend to experience the beauty of sun with sand, then you should visit once here.

There are more beaches in India, which enhances with their enchantress beauty and the magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset. Many more beaches need to be explored and should be visited once by everyone who loves and are in mad with the beauty of beaches.



When it comes to explore cold, adventurous, offbeat places which are unexplored yet, immediately our heart beat start fluctuating thinking about it. Many cold places come to our mind, but if we want to experience the versatility and virginity of nature’s beauty only one name clicks, and that is Himachal Pradesh. These days’ people are more attracted towards the places which are not explored yet. Himachal Pradesh is not only limited to the famous places like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, McLeodganj etc., but the gem of beauty is still hidden somewhere which are still to be explored.

We tried to bring exciting, amazing, splendid and breath-taking places of Himachal Pradesh together on one page.

“A person becomes perplexed to explore the unexplored astounding scenery, especially when it is concealed”

                                                                                                    -Syed Sameena

 1. Bir Billing

This is considered as one of the less explored offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh. Perfect for many adventurous activities and very close to the Mother earth. Silent valley, far away from the noisy crowd of city embedded with lush green forest gives you experience of nature’s aesthetic beauty, which satisfies your quench of adventurous spirits. This small village situated in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley, North India, has many places to visit. Simply walking around solitude with experiencing nature’s beauty refresh and rejuvenate your mind and heart with full of life.

This secluded place is full of monasteries and Buddhist stupas, which again define the simplicity and serenity of it. Monks, they offer prayers to almighty for salvation and perform meditation for their peace of soul.

Many activities are happening over there, like Paragliding, Mountain biking, Trekking, and camping, but the attraction of that place is Paragliding which is official adventure of India. The first ever Paragliding championship took place at Bir Billing. The weather and smooth flow of wind are favourable for Paragliding. Billing is the place where Paragliding takes place and the gliding lands in Bir; together known as Bir Billing.

Before Paragliding instigate, the sport activity known was hand-gliding, which needs a perfect technique, proper supervision and training. It basically requires air-current without any engine and a person needs to run down from the hill in inclined motion. Every year government of Himachal Pradesh organizes these adventurous and sporting activities, which is the main attraction of tourist visiting.

Preferred road route from Delhi to Bir Billing;

From Delhi take private or state-run bus for Ambala via Chandigarh bypass. Crossing the places Kiratpur, Anandpur Sahib, Nagal, Kangra, Palampur, Baijnath then finally reach to Bir road which is about 550 kms.  

2. Barot

The second most adventurous and exciting place comes under the offbeat category is Barot, a small hill station, which is situated in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh at the altitude of 1700 meters from sea level of the Uhl River bank. Hydroelectricity generated for the first time in India is from Uhl River.

Apart from this innovative truth, Barot is also specifically known for Trout fish and has a trout breeding, which is operated by the Himachal Pradesh fishing department of Agriculture University, Palampur. Barot valley is not only famous for its innovative man-made projects but also for its splendid destinations, many adventurous and sporting activities like, Paragliding, Mountain biking, Trekking, Angling, Village walk-through, and Wildlife sanctuary.

Healthy and fresh environment makes your holiday in leisure worthy!

While trekking you will be enlighten with the local traditional culture and heritage of the Himachal Pradesh. Astonishing sight of mountains, which are covered with full of snow, birds spread their wings to enjoy the pollution free fresh air, which brings you closer to the Mother earth. You can get a glimpse of how people live their life with full of joy being simple with simplicity.

Angling in Barot valley is the best leisure time to spend. Rainbow trout fish and brown trout fish are filled with in Uhl River, which will give you the immense pleasure of angling. No need to carry your own equipment for angling, it will available over there in your budget amount. Brook in the Uhl River is originated from 50 kms. upstream of Thamsar Glacier.

Paragliding and Mountain biking is another sport activity which held over in Barot valley. Paragliding activity has been hosted in valley since long time and recognized worldwide for Paragliding world cup in 2005. Trekking followed by Paragliding, by doing a trek about 16 kms. to reach at paragliding point. If we come to Mountain biking, it becomes very tough to perform biking in the mountains, but here the roads are not too busy with the bikes. A person can ride over 100 kms. in the valley in different directions followed by trail roads. Sport activities; subsequently connect with others, in which you can experience the multiple adventures at a time.

Preferred road route from New Delhi to Barot;

You can opt for Ordinary, Semi-deluxe, Deluxe and Volvo buses from Delhi to Jogindernagar/Baijnath or you can hire taxi from Jogindernagar to Barot. If you like to drive then reach Mandi by bus then drive 65 kms. via Ghatasni to reach Barot.

3. Khajjiar – Mini Switzerland of India

A small hill station situated in the Himachal Pradesh embellished with the scenic aesthetic appeal. Mountains are loaded with snow, feel of fresh air, surrounded by lush green deodar forests, flourishing grassland. The ones with reckless, adventuresome features and nature lover will definitely be in love with this place. As, we have already seen many sports activities are performed at some places of Himachal Pradesh, here too you can perform many adventures, wildlife activities.

Khajjiar Lake is visually very attractive spot for both the locals and tourists as well. The shape of the lake is saucer-shaped, located in the mid of the flourishing grasslands. Floating island, grabs your attention which is enriched with a bunch of green grass grown on the lake’s surface. Many sports activities are performed here, from Paragliding to Zorbing and horse riding. Apart from these many other recreational activities are performed in Khajjiar enjoying with a splendid landscape. You can relax and relish with spectacular view of Mountain Kailash from Khajjiar Lake.

Khajji Nag Temple is situated at the bank of the Khajjiar Lake. The architecture of the temple is in a Hindu-Mughal style finished with a gilded dome and labyrinthine wood carvings. Idols of snakes, Goddess Hadimba, Lord Shiva and, also the images of the Pandavas and Kauravas are there in the temples.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, where you candidly experience a variety of flora and fauna. You will come across with deep forest of deodar with stream and wide range of fauna like, leopard, black marten, jackal, bear, barking Goral, deer and langur. This wildlife packed is enjoyed either by trek or safari. Perfect location for trekking, trekkers will experience the astounding landscape of the village.

Some hidden villages are explored include Rati and Loda, laden with apple orchards with cozy Homestays.

Preferred road route from New Delhi to Khajjiar;

Khajjiar is very well connected to all the important towns of Himachal Pradesh; Dalhousie, Shimla and Chamba state. To reach over this town bus and trains is easily available from Delhi. From Delhi to Khajjiar is about 595 kms. Once you reach at any one of these town, you can hire a personal car or ride by bus.

4. Shoja

Shoja, very small town situated in Seraj valley, which a connecting link between Kullu and Shimla districts. Surrounded with loads, Snow Mountains and sky touching conifers, simply enhance the serenity of this place. The aesthetic appeal of this place leaves you speechless. One’s who is willing to relish his/her solitudes are embraced with both arms of Shoja. Many untouched spots are still need to be exploring over here. There’s not many places to spot in Shoja, but those which are needed to be spotted are splendid and extravagant in beauty.

Jalori Pass, which is situated five km away from Shoja at 3,152 m height. While trekking in Shoja, the paradise, gives you the panoramic view of the Himalayas when you reach at peak, which will give you the feeling of touching the sky. During your trek you will experience many breath-taking natures’ beauty like, lush green dense deodar forest, an enormous variety of flowers, medicinal herbs, etc.

Waterfall Point, habituating nearby will worth your outing. To start your trekking this will be the best point to start. Easy trekking paths wind crossing deep dense forest will raise your adrenaline rush.

Trout fishing, in Tirthan Valley, which is not far from Shoja, is exciting for who is interested in angling activity. Equipment for angling can be arranged by your tourist guide or you can ask for your Hotel service. This trip can be enjoyed with families and group of friends.

Preferred road route from New Delhi to Shoja;

There are numerous private and state-run buses are available from Delhi. You can reach to Manali or Mandi from Delhi. From there either you can hire taxis or buses which are easily available in your budget to Shoja.

5. Chindi – Karsog Valley

Last, but not the least we reach to the land of god, Chindi – Karsog Valley. Karsog term derived from Kar Shok means mourning. Enjoying solitude over this piece of land will give you inner peace of mind, where you feel to be closer to the god. There is a mythology behind this place that the Pandavas spent their van vaas here. There are many temples here to visit individually carved with different stories behind that. 

City dwellers coming from a very noisy crowd will definitely gain a peace of mind. There are not many sports activities performed over here, but the loads of temples will take you to the next level of spiritual and meditation world. You can simply walk through the village and experience the extravagant beauty of lush green valley.

They primarily produce wheat, corns and apples for their living. Don’t fix yourself at a same destination, your journey starts from here to explore the unexplored. As I’ve already mentioned above that this valley is famous for the spirituality and very much connected with the Hindu mythology. Some nearby temples and popular ones to visit in Karsog valley are Mamleshwar, Kamaksha Devi, Shikari Devi, Mahunag, and Chandika Devi.

A Shikari Devi temple, which is at the highest altitude 3359 m and it is 18 km away from Janjehli. The temple is established by the Pandavas and at the peak of Shikari there is a roofless temple of Shikari Devi. When you reach at the rooftop, you will experience a panoramic view of snow ranges, attention seeking sunrise and sunset, and lush green paddy fields.

Chandika Devi temple, walking distance from Chindi village. The temple is open only for a few hours in the morning to offer prayer in front of Chandika Devi (Durga) deity. The circular pond present in front of the temple gives a spectacular view from the temple.

Kamaksha Devi Temple, As per Hindu mythology, Lord Parshuram austere here to seek the Goddess’s blessing. Everyone is not allowed to visit over here. It is said that actual deity is underground. The fine wooden work skills can be seen at this place.

Preferred road route from New Delhi to Chindi;

From Delhi, Chandigarh buses are available via Ambala. Once you reach Ambala hire taxi or bus for Chindi via Shimla, Naldhera, and Tattapani. This is the best and safest route to reach Chindi.

“Splendid beauty of secluded places in Himachal Pradesh can never be defined in limited words, to explore the extravagant and astounding sight, you have to visit the places”.  


Education Beyond the Walls of the Classrooms

Before we move to the actual topic, I would like to give an overview on the different types of learning styles. It’s a task for the teachers’ to bring their learning styles in an interactive way, and here it becomes more difficult to analyse the grasping and absorbing the learning style of students’. When it comes to your child, you prefer the suitable teaching methods, which can be easily transmitted.  Children’s are more in favour, to change their learning style as they grow older, so it becomes your responsibility to try various perspectives as time moves. It will be favourable to involve your child or students’ in developing different types of learning strategies. It is recognised and observed by researchers that many students’ or child follow the mix type of learning, some sticks with a single type of learning.

“Learning without obstacle will enlighten your cognizance and tailor your personality”

-Syed Sameena

Some of the schools still stick to their traditional type of learnings, which mainly includes linguistic and logical teaching strategies. They prefer classroom and book-based teaching, which results in repetition, of course content and assessment/exam pressure to augment and assess. Those recommending least used learning styles are labelled or consider as a mediocre teaching and this build up the fortify beliefs of differentiating between “smart” and “dumb”.

You are only aware of only one type of learning styles, but the fact will bring novel innovation in learning strategies. Majorly, learning strategies are divided into three categories:

  1. Visual Learners
  2. Auditory Learners
  3. Kinaesthetic Learners

Visual Learners:

Learners, those who believe and grasp easily, the visible learning, which includes reading, note-making, charts and tables, images and diagrams, and watching demonstrations. They are more in favour of visible features of things. Listening skills are comparatively weak from auditory learners. They avoid listening lengthy explanations and lectures.

Auditory Learners:

Learners like listening more instead of watching and, they prefer speaking and learn by repeating the words loudly. They have a great at memorizing anything and can recall what said by others instead of memorizing their doing and look. They are very rarely distracted by surrounding noise, in fact, they prefer some background musing while learning or working.

Kinaesthetic Learners:

These types of learner believes in practical implementations and they prefer performing, writing, and applying things practically. They appreciate learning individually and observe the application of that object and try to create and develop different strategies to incorporate in learnings, like using different kind of toys and roaming around.

This will definitely help you to analyse your student or children that they fall under which category. Now the learning is not restricted to the four walls of the classrooms and colleges, but rather scattered and diversify its roots into the different learning forms. Nowadays, students’ prefer doing practical, want to perform every course practical, individually to sense the facts by itself.

Learning cannot just happen in the classroom or it will not happen if you want to remember any algebraic term or autobiography of any established author. Learning can happen in a very pragmatic and innovative way, nobody study how to brush teeth, how to walk, how to make friends from your textbooks. These things only happen by doing it practically and of course, outside the classroom.

These learning only happens by when we interact outside with other peoples, when we observe them and their skills, by practically implementing on us what we observed. So, only school and colleges are not responsible for teaching everything. We learn many things from our daily routine, and what we learn on our regular basis, teaches and sharpens our behavioural and critical thinking skills. Learning can be done anywhere and everywhere, as I mentioned earlier the examples of how to brush teeth, etc.

To simplify that, how a student can gain a knowledge and learn in a better way from different resources. On the basis of that, I would like to categorize the beyond classroom teachings into three sections:

  1. Digital Learning
  2. Practical Implementation Learning
  3. Observational Learning

Digital Learning:

Learning practices using different tools and technology. Now, students are not restricted only to the bookish knowledge, they are curious to acquire knowledge from different resources by using different technology. Replacing traditional educational practices, digital learning grounded it’s affirm root. Digital learning also includes the communication on social network and becomes easier to discuss any projects, assignments, or any agenda, by easily connecting with their classmates, colleagues and their friends.

Digital learning plays a very important role in one’s life. Many schools incorporate into their teaching practices a different technology, tools and software’s, which becomes very interactive and interesting learning. Regularly in classroom students’ are eager to know, with what will be the next new instructional are going to be present by their teachers’.

Digital learning is a novel, a step ahead learning in this era. I would like to congregate some benefits of digital learning in a simple point:

  • Smarter perception
  • Influenced and Explicable
  • Parents’ and teachers’ involvement  during operating tools and techniques
  • Very swiftly knowledge and information transferred
  • Increase in employment via different online resources
  • Increase being independent and individuality

Practical Implementation Learning:

Learning when pursue individually and practically are more thorough than learning done by any other strategy. A pain of burn cannot be explained to a child until and unless, it will not experience by itself. So, being in the classroom will not teach you the factual beauty of natures, if you will not experience it by yourself. Teaching strategy should be changed by introducing a real practical in learning.

While teaching any subject, for example, for practical and thorough knowledge of the historical studies school or colleges should organise an outdoor activities, like visiting the relevant museums, exhibitions, historic and heritage places. The experiences of these kind of activities will never be faded out from a child’s memory, it will become an affirm knowledge.

The government is also taking initiative in these kind of learning by providing a fund to the schools and colleges. The student will be able to apply and implement their practical learning into day to day life. I would like to bring in front of you some practical learning benefits:

  • Thorough knowledge of any subjects
  • Apply their knowledge easily into daily routine
  • Become more independent and lack of hesitation, while facing any issues during lectures.
  • Enhance and sharpens remembering skills
  • Practical knowledge accompanied with theoretical knowledge is strong

Observational Learning:

Learning of this type includes development of soft skills of the students’. This is developed by introducing various kinds of extra-curricular activities or you can say human-interaction. Soft skills like social-interaction, behavioural skills, communication, etc. Though this type of learning itself a very large and critical topic, but in short, learning by imitating and observing others is considered as an observational learning.

A child from its childhood observe others and try to imitate it, like walking, talking, greeting and many more. A child learns how to talk and respond by observing others, facial expressions and mouth movements also play very crucial role in knowing mood and responding accordingly. So, from a childhood, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to groom beautifully your child by giving a positive environment.

Aggression and jolly nature are developed in children by their childhood and children try to replicate it, in themselves by observing. Social interaction is very important for a child to develop a good communication, how to respond and how to behave in front of whomsoever.

I would like to finish up my article by concluding, that’s how the importance and new strategies of learning should be important for parents’, educators’, and the child itself. These things will decide that with what kind of interpersonal skills child will grow. So, learning and teaching as well, can happen anywhere, it’s not restricted to the classrooms and college.


eLearning Industry Future Perspective: Artificial Intelligence

Human beings; who are responsible for inventing a novel technology and technology that, make humans’ daily lives quicker, easier and approachable. With the help of technologies – smart phones, laptops, and digital watches connects in a while across the globe.

The end-result of the digital journey with endless prospect comes with an effective training in the e-learning industry, from academia to the corporate trainings.

E-learning industries mark their presence by delivering an effective and successful training for the employees’ and in higher education for an anonymous learners’.

E-learning can be used in various ways; like an audio-video addition to many content types.

Still, the approach to the limitless possibilities of e-learning best practices, standard theories and methods, somewhere again stops you to some extent.

Where the possibilities end, the new beginning takes a birth – artificial intelligence; the blend of the standard theories or an adaptive learning and an electrifying characteristic of multi-media environment.

Blended learning are preferred in most of the corporate trainings, which is a game-changer in an e-learning world that results into a very effective way of learning strategy. Before we start elucidating the possibilities of an artificial intelligence in e-learning, we’ll enlighten on; what is an artificial intelligence? Does artificial intelligence go hand in hand with adaptive learning?

What is an Artificial Intelligence?

The simulation of human intelligence undertaken by computer systems, which results in performing tasks like:

  • Learning; the accretion of intelligence and the way it transforms
  • Reasoning; learning strategy concluded with a definite result
  • Self-correction

When human intelligence used in the development of computer systems by incorporating speech-recognition, decision-making, and language translations, then it results into a broad and tech-savvy platform named Artificial Intelligence.

Implementing artificial intelligence application, from automatizing definite administrative tasks to activating adaptive learning, that precisely delivers a personalized learning; application has a numerous and exciting features to explore.

Here, I would like to elucidate a future prospect of an Artificial Intelligence in respect of Academic Instructional perspective and Corporate Training.

Implementing an artificial intelligence increases the learners’ interaction in the corporate training proved that learning strategy when adjusted according the learners’ approach makes more effective and interactive as well.

In short, adaptive learning when involved with an artificial intelligence in the learning strategy, improves evaluation of learners’.

Academic Instructional Perspective:

Approaches from different industries, colleges, and universities towards an artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a brilliant evolutionary change in higher education, which allows students’ to pursue an adjusted, rigorous, and personalized learning.

While pursuing scientific research, the led to robust outcome that are still, not perfectly elucidated in the standard learning environment, which can be improve with the help of an artificial intelligence.

Learners’ interaction into an artificial intelligence learning environment helps in improving the learning strategy, which results in the responsive approach to the higher academics and assist institutions and universities to manage the quality education.

Implementing online the enormous data and an analytics gives you an idea to know the learning strategy of learners’.

“Learners’ behaviour led to the effective outcome of different learning strategy”

However, there are still some challenges and concerns needs to be addressed in an artificial intelligence applications while implementing in higher education.

I came across with a deep thought that if the learning environment will be student centred, that what happens, if every student grown up with their personal AI to solve complex problems.

My article could not be complete, if I would not mention about the ‘Watson technology’ and the ‘Turing test’. While coming across the education sectors on digital platform every time the claim appears with a new learning technology.

Watson is an outcome of an artificial intelligence application, which is, of course, proved to be a very smart and an effective technology; human champions are defeated in the TV trivia game show Jeopardy!

Watson hasn’t passed the Turing test; developed by Alan Turing in 1950, is a test of a machine that determines whether the computer can or cannot think intelligent as humans.

Watson is a technology, which responds correctly and very quickly asked questions in the human language from its database. Innovative technology structured to analyse and execute more than 100 languages.

  1. Possibilities to adjust or adapt a learning strategy

How artificial intelligence aid learning? Learning strategies can be adjusted on the basis of the learners’ behaviour. Learners’ struggling with their complex topics are aided with a various project until they mastered successfully.

For an educators’, it become easy to develop an adaptive solutions when the learner approaches to the complex topics.

On the basis of the specific written assignments and an evaluation of the thought process of the learners’, an artificial intelligence tools can be modified or trained accordingly.

Based on the learners’ behaviour they itself adapt learning independently without any educator evaluation and the capabilities of the computer system are anchorage by implementing an accurate symbolic operations authentically and iteratively.

2. Realities of an adaptive learning into AI

“Though, we are accomplishing successfully towards the knowledge of learning, the technology is still dependent on humanitarian interventions to pertain.”

While doing research in the learning sciences, our experts of AI have developed an advanced level of technology, and great principles to be used in designing the learning. There are still gaps to discover the role of an educators to interfere in implementing the social learning.

There are great theories of learning given by our experienced educators, which are still to be adapted in the learning that is speculative.

Intelligent tutoring system is again a brilliant application of an artificial intelligence, which don’t follow the “jack of all trades” strategy,it can be adjusted according to the learners’ behaviour.

ITS application is developed for specific results and are perfectly implemented into the well-defined domains, like mathematics and programming. Edifying that, some significant efforts should be taken while implementing the tutoring systems in schools.

One more important thing to be required to think that it is not only the pedagogy to be changed, but also the curriculum need to be focused.

AI applications, to assist in developing the content based assessment, to improve the learners’ ability, to solve and abstract the complex questions.

The cognitive structure of human and computers are very different, what our brain system can do computers cannot, but when it comes to repeating steps and complex route our brains couldn’t.

3. Future approach to an adaptive learning into AI

Interaction with an educator’s aid in evaluating your learners’, which is the best practices to be followed in the learning and the participation of the technologies and the communication tools are recommended to use.

We cannot say that there is no future role of AI in learning, increasing number of benchmarks in learning strategy, and effectuated specific interventions, are worth.

Future opportunities are also increasing its line towards the sky limit.

“Whatever will be the approach in developing the AI applications, humans cannot be replaced from the loop by any technology.”

Artificial Intelligence in corporate trainings:

By incorporating artificial intelligence into their learning, the companies are improving their trainings, teaching practices and methods. An approach towards the corporate trainings persistently getting better and they start implementing AI applications into their trainings, which results into an individualized experience.

AI in corporate trainings assisting in many ways to improvise didactically, some of them are:

  • Employees’ experience at personalized level
  • Employees’ are engaged and interacted during the training session, which leads to a successful training
  • AI learning strategies are not rigid, where employees are responding individually
  • Able to evaluate an employee engagement more convincingly and, collate the outcomes to dictate the program efficiency
  • Offers quizzes to assess employees’, what they’ve learned during their training session to evaluate the program effectiveness

Developers are effectively working into improving the program capability by evaluating the learners’ behaviour.

  1. Futuristic role of AI in Corporate Training

Artificial intelligence, creating a perfect learning environment for the learners’ in the corporate training to experience at more individualized level.

Improving the feedback training programs to the employers, which opens the exceptional opportunities for employee development.

  • Future AI training program includes more 3D experiences
  • As the VR cost reduces, employers can abruptly include it in their ‘hands-on’ training for any framework
  • Virtual mentors’ numbers are to be increased in the future to produce effective learning materials
  • Produce exemplary learning experience for employees’ that meet the goals of the business
  • Allow employees’ to be connected with their workplace and creates an individualized experience to gain employees’ attention

The game-changer of the e-learning industry, academia, and the corporate brings a new revolution in learning and development, an expert in customizing the materials, performing empathetically, and rich in resources.

“Peregrination to earn comprehension is just beginning, you never know what implausible the road of artificial intelligence covers for you.”